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you do realise that this is an actual Japanese style called “Half” and she’s not actually being racist, she actually explains this in the beginning of the video. don’t make this another “hello kitty” incident.

ah yes, of course she isn’t an asian fetishiser. how could i have been mistaken. i was so wrong. i see the light now. none of this is racist at all, just like how that hello kitty video wasn’t racist. please forgive my gross oversight.

um… it’s not racist if you’re not being negative…
she’s just fascinated by japan and wants to share it, that doesn’t make her a bad person.

It is racist. Whether she wanted to be negative or not, this is extremely negative. Other races are not Halloween costumes that you can try on whenever you want!

What makes you think this is racist? I don’t think that any really japanese person finds this offensive. If she wants to look like a stereotypical japanese person, she can do that. It’s her style. You don’t probably even know what racism means.
It isn’t racist to say that “japanese eyes look like this” or that “japanese people often do their makeup like this”. It is just like saying “white people have a white skin”. It is not racist.

"If she wants to look like a stereotypical japanese person, she can do that."

So what’s your point? Japanese persons simply usually look like japanese and she loves their looks. Stereotypics =/= racism. There are a lot better reasons to get butthurt than some little girl who loves japanese style and probably doesn’t even get that someone could find that racist.

You’re so wrong it hurts.

I dont care what she does. But VenusAngelic is the most fakest person ever. She steals cosmetics from companies, hurts her fans (my friend met her once and she asked if she could take a picture of Venus and she got mad at her over NOTHING) and her mother is freaking weird. As well she doesnt have personallity at all and she even said on her blog “Its too shameful to accept who you are and what kinda body you have.” 

It’s FETISHIZING. and doing a makeup tutorial of how to look like a race is actually racist. I find the Korean one actually very offensive. you can’t make yourself look like a collective race by putting makeup on your face and claiming it to be what it is. you can’t. but what she does overall? yeah that’s fetishistic.

/living in australia and finding this discussion racist
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Ikeda Riyoko — Futaripocchi 

My scans
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